Always Stretch Before a Run


So this is… September, 'round about? We’d been designing and ruminating and eating our creative spinach all Summer. Though our webcomic workloads meant actual production wouldn’t start ‘till December, the time had come for the project to bear something resembling fruit. 

Thus: a test page, something to prove (to our respective readerships and prospective publishers, not to mention ourselves) this thing had veins in its teeth. This scene doesn't actually appear in the story, serving more as an excuse to bring out some of the main characters and let them talk at each other. It’s certainly a first effort, with all the 20/20 hindsight that entails, but it was also the small step and giant leap we needed to reaffirm our confidence in this thing called AVERY.


 Shackled to a scanner meant for mere mortals instead of comic book artists, JD draws his pages in two parts — observe the break in the equator of the page — and assembles them on the computer. Clever son. Bet he could break out of prison, if it came down to it.

JD colored this one himself, setting a paradigm for the book’s actual colorist to follow later on. Neon Noir, JD calls it. A matte Joel Schumacher, like. The grey brown orange palette of gritty, realistic crime fiction is for suckers — we want our book to leave after-images in your retinas after you set it down, like luminescent fingerprints. 

(click to enlarge)

And scene. 

Taking a drive around the block like this did loads for our understanding of how the book was going to work, page-to-page. Kinks to work out, sure, but I couldn't have asked for a finer zero to start from

That said, the work we've churned out since leaves this page hacking in the course brown dust. 

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  1. Brilliant. I backtracked all the way to the first post and enjoyed reading about the evolution of this project. It's inspiring, which is another way of saying I need to get off my ass and produce something.

    I can't wait to get my grubby hands on this book.