T-minus two weeks


We’re cooking with gas now, oh yes we are.

Emerald City Comic Con sits pretty on the first weekend of March, grinning at us like a mirage. Here, we pitch the project to potential publishers. Cue montage.

JD’s got six pages of appetizer inked and clean. Jon Cairns is turning out some color work you can taste as much as see. Fonografiks is showing me how little I know about lettering a comic book. Humbling, is what it is. I didn’t even know Gotham was a font.

Rough colors, page two

What I do know is we’ve got a book with teeth. It's the book I wanted to see on the shelves but didn’t, so I went wrote it myself. It’s old school and new and different and familiar, and a good pulp novel besides. A game changer? A winner, at least. In my heart I believe this. If anyone can explain the benefit of believing otherwise, feel free.

Emerald City. I’m trying not to read too much into the name. 

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