Back From Texas

I am.

And here's a -- mostly -- uncolored cover JD just conjured up, before the tints and hues and the expertly rendered title and credits are all laid over it. Au natural, baby.


Wire from the Front

Time is on some side other than mine, so:

I made it exactly halfway though the third chapter this week, which puts the whole five-part project at exactly half scripted. Seeing as this places the script at least two full installments ahead of the art, I'm fairly comfortable with this. The rest of the week was spent organizing an upcoming trip to the land of my birth and plotting a new project that I tried to put down, really I did, but the damn thing's crawled inside my head and laid eggs.

Stumptown is in ten hours. I might even spend some of them sleeping. 



Fearsome Jack and Handsome Bobby

Today I found myself with little to say, so I went out into the city and I listened for a while. Then I moved some words around and prepped the way for tomorrow's progress.

Today was a stable and mucking day.


Six hour round trip, made eight by an amusing mishap


Day three. Today I drove both to and from Seattle, to meet with JD. I also wrote what I figure will end up being about four pages worth of material when all’s done and said, and I talked to my dad.

Figure I count today as a win.


The distilled sweat of my brow


Day two. A panel from today's labors:

4. The bastard city shrinks in Avery’s rear view mirror. The tiny white blip of a private jet flies over the city at an upward angle.

CAP: Pa was right -- which is more or less my entire childhood --

CAP: All I see in my rearview is a fat grey puddle, steaming into mirage.


Twentysome pages in ten days or less


Every sky is sunny and blue outside the window of a 747 at cruising altitude, but then we dipped down into clouds that darkened as we dove and then gave way to the green and grey of Portland on its mercury river -- well, San Fran is as mighty and fine a city as you’ll ever see, but for better or worse, the place my brain recognizes as home has shunted decidedly north.

There are two chapters of AVERY in the can, each the length of a standard comic book issue. Today, I started production on the third -- figuring out roughly how the story breaks down by page count, checking my scrap file for any viable bits of dialogue, and drinking quite a bit of black coffee. My ambition -- nay, my plan -- is to have a solid draft done by Stumptown, on the 16th of this month. Ten days. No sweat. And, if only to keep myself honest, I’ll be logging my progress on this blog. Exactly what form this log blogging will take, I’m not quite sure. A daily tally of completed pages? A posting of especially juicy excerpts? Just as long as it’s not a bunch of IOU’s, I’ll count it a win. Of course, the real win would be seeing the thing finished. I don’t write for the hell of it, man, I’m working for the weekend. Just like everyone else, I am reliably informed.

So, day one. Everything’s planned. There’s a one-page scene from the scrap file I’m going to use as page four. Ten days to go and I’m off to a good start, as I reckon things.